A Summer's Journey

A Journey through my Second Life


Thank you for stopping by. This is an open book that gets you into who I am as a Second Life inhabitant: a humble photographer who likes to make a visual statement sometimes.

  The blog is my big ranting scene. It is the space where I tell the story of my journey through Second Life. It is somewhat like Scheherazade’s story – neverending and life-saving. I will not cease to exist as long as there are stories to tell.

  I post my pictures on several platforms, but I do not post always the same picture everywhere. Wouldn’t that be boring? At least I change the make-up! You may find here a picture never posted anywhere else, the same on Facebook, Google+ or Flickr. I am a human so I have many facets. If I had only one or two, I would be a sheet of paper, wouldn’t I?