This is my first picture taken in since I came back to SL. It happened exactly one month ago.

  Is was more stolen than taken. This is an homage to a fascinating woman. She was there at the beginning of my journey. She is one of the wonderful women of SL.

  If I wanted, I could find many faults in this photo. But I won’t. I will keep holding it dear because it is like the first line that a child writes in school and because it holds in itself so many meanings and memories. Because it is my first picture taken in SL after I came back.

  I cannot look at this picture without hearing Ella Fitzgerald. I do not ”hear voices” but there are songs that simply populate your mind and do not want to leave you alone. So it happens that sometimes you associate a song with someone and it gets stuck with their image forever. I had no idea how much the song spoke about her, it was just an instinctive association. Later on, I was to find out. Scars are badges of honour for lessons learnt.